Mundo Lodge

Brand Development


A contemporary vacation rental in Ojai, California

Influenced by the colors and landscapes of the California coast, and located in the lush, scenic Ojai Valley, Mundo Lodge is a contemporary hacienda concept for the modern vacationer.  

This is a mock project. Mundo Lodge, as bad as we’d like to go ourselves, is made up. 

The Need 

Vacation rental properties are a booming industry with steep competition, particularly as the demand for experience- and design-focused accommodation increases. There are hundreds of properties on the market in Ojai alone, despite the small city’s size. Mundo Lodge recognized the need for a differentiated identity that would set it apart from the rest and attract the modern traveler from Los Angeles and beyond.

The Partnership

Miraven worked closely with Mundo Lodge to establish its identity and develop a branding package that would reflect its modern hacienda style and scenic location. We chose a color palette influenced by the California coast and meant to complement the lush, green surrounds of the Ojai Valley, and created a visual style that would attract would-be travelers looking for a getaway to connect with nature, without skimping on style.

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