Tempe Tourism

Influencer Campaign + Branded Content Production

The Overview

Refreshingly Arizona 

Tempe Tourism is the non-profit organization devoted to marketing Tempe, Arizona to leisure and business travelers. Located within the greater Phoenix metro area, just 10 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Tempe is centrally located for both urban and outdoor adventure. 

The Need

A Prime Winter Destination 

Tempe Tourism partners with influencers and content creators throughout the year to highlight the many facets of, and adventures to be found within, a Tempe trip. Tempe Tourism was seeking creators to showcase Tempe’s unexpected charm and adventurous spirit during the winter months, where Tempe’s weather remains warm and inviting for those looking to escape the snow. 

The Partnership

Influencing New Travelers to Experience Tempe 

Miraven partnered with blogger Rachel Off Duty and Tempe Tourism, as well as local stakeholders within the destination, to participate in a press trip, branded content campaign, and ad campaign at key consideration periods throughout the subsequent year on social media.

Come look: http://bit.ly/rodtempe1http://bit.ly/rodtempe2

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